Emirates Lounge: The Nest
Reimagining the very static notion of individualized respite in the airport to a collective experience of adaptive lounging.
Architecture, Furniture Design, Landscape Design
Safe Niños: The TeenZone
A fresh look at the outdoor teen space within a pediatric burn center; Coaniquem in Santiago, Chile.
Strategy Design, Architecture, Visual Design
Bull - playful bench
The Bull is a piece of furniture—a dynamic bench that's deliberately unstable.
Furniture Design, Social Study
Spell - social light
Casting the spell that brings people together through the resignation if poetry in the lens of Persian calligraphy.
Industrial Design, Exhibition Design, Product Design
Stun - exhibition
An exposure, a door into the realm of sexual assault That looks into our ambivalence and challenges us to act differently.
Architecture, Art Direction, Graphic Design
Lull - mountain spa
A sensory escape for mind and body from our hectic city life to a serene and soothing state of leisure​ in the heart of mountains.
Rammed Earth Architecture, Indoor-Outdoor Lifestyle
Flex - sound space
An integrated sound space enriched with aerial dancing. Expand beyond what is playing on your headphones, and glide with the silk, to break through to a new vision. 
Insecure Soul - Residence
The Insecure Soul is a house for a traveling family seeking to reduce limits and replace​ that with freedom of movement.
Faceted Architecture, Study House
Grasshopper Objects
Exploration on small objects with grasshopper plugin for Rihno 3D
Product Design
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